Quizzes - Middle School Module 1

Title Short DEscription

Q. 1a

What device from the list do you use most in your daily life?

Q. 1c

What best describes what you like to do?

Activity 1.1a

Choose the five jobs that you are most interested in.

Q. 1.2b

Which of the following is not an optical illusion?

Q. 1.3a

Click on the picture that you think shows the eye in the darker environment.

Q. 1.3b

Do your eyes see all of the light in your environment?

Q. 1.3c

Choose the spectrum that represents the colors in visible light?

Q. 1.3d

What is the nature of visible light?

Q. 1.5b

What kind of light is used to create different types of images?

Activity 1.5a

Place the objects from the list in the wavelength category that matches the size of the object.

Activity 1.5b

Match the device from the list with the wavelength that this technology uses or detects.

Q. 1.5d

What speed approximately represents the speed of light?

Q. 1.6a

Choose the answers that are NOT examples of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Q. 1.6b

Choose the tennis ball that is easiest to hit.

Q. 1.7a

Is there a time delay before you see the light?

Q. 1.7b

How many kilometers per minute does light travel?

Q. 1.7c

How many kilometers per second does light travel?

Q. 1.7d (1)

Calculate the speed of light part I.

Q. 1.7d(2)

Calculate the speed of light part II.

Q. 1.7d (3)

Calculate the speed of light part IIi.

Q. 1.7e

What is NOT one of the basic rules of Quantum Electrodynamics?

Q. 1.8a

What area of science does NOT involve knowledge of optics?

Q. 1.8b

What future technology could replace the use of electrical transistors in computers?


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